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Module 5 S-101 Conversion and Challenges

S-57 to S-101 Conversion Topics


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June 15

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A few more words about this course

This course focus on the topic of conversion from S-57 to S-101, and describes several specific challenges. Is there a need for an Hydrographic Office to prepare their S-57 data before starting the conversion process?
This course contains information on the following topics:

  • S-101 Production options
  • S-101 New and deleted attributes
  • S-101 Features and enumeration challenges
  • S-101 Geometry challenges and Skin Of the Earth
  • S-101 topology constraints
  • S-101 Extraneous objects
  • S-101 aggregations and associations
  • S-101 INFORM, a converter roadway
  • S-101 Validation

Svein Skjaeveland

Manager International Standardization
Svein has been working with electronic navigational charts since 2003, starting out as an engineer at the Norwegian Hydrographic Service focusing on ENC, NTM updates and paper chart production. From 2006 employed by Electronic Chart Centre (ECC) working as Senior Geodata Consultant focusing on ENC validation and quality assurance. Svein currently holds a position as Manager International Standardization and has been involved in standardization since 2009. He currently attends a number of IHO working groups.

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